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Who Has The Biggest NFT Collection?

As with many things in the blockchain space, nobody really knows who has the biggest NFT collection. Titles are very subjective when it comes to bragging rights, but some users do come close to the title. Some users do have standardly high numbers of certain NFTs, but just don’t have all that many of them.

There are a few users who claim to have some of the highest or largest collections in one way or another, so let’s take a look at some of those people and break down their collection and why they think theirs might be the biggest.

1) CryptoCayce

at the time of writing, CryptoCayce is on a mission to collect all NFTs from 2018, and it would appear he has been successful so far. He also claims to be in possession of most ERC721 tokens and says that his collection far exceeds the number owned by any other single person.

2) FelixWeal

Felix has around 55,000 tokens and is currently tracking over 3,500 NFTs. His biggest holdings are Kesek Coin (a cryptocurrency), the Championship Olympic Skin (from UFC 3) and PepeCash. He owns almost 10% of all non-fungible tokens in existence.

3) CryptoFights – CryptoFights is the biggest NFT game with over 3,000 items on its marketplace. They have had some massive sales recently, including $8,500 spent on Cloud Drake eggs during their recent event where they also sold an Assassin Skin for $1,200.

4) RexSunset

Rex has not only made a name for himself in the movement, but also holds a number of different records, such as owning one of the rarest crypto collectibles – P3D tokens. He also has some other big NFTs such as CryptoBots and Blockchain Cuties.

5) CryptoKaiju

This company claims to have the biggest selection of kaiju-themed crypto collectibles in the world. Based out of Japan, they make unique art pieces like the Godzilla hoodie which was recently sold for $3,000.

6) CryptoKitties

The game that started this whole craze has to be mentioned in any article about crypto collectors! There are two main types of players in CryptoKitties. Some people are just trying to make money by breeding their kitties and selling them, while others are purely collectors. The game does have its own record-breaking sales – the most expensive kitty sold for ~$120,000, but that particular cat was special because it had a rare gene which allowed it to breed more unique kitties.

7) CryptoCountries

This is a very unique crypto-collectible which basically allowed players to buy whole countries at auction before the country was actually made public. Now, only some of the flags are available for sale and these sell for around $10 currently. The most expensive flag sold for $1,400.

8) Crypto Celebrities

– Another game which is similar to CryptoKitties in that you can buy specific celebrity NFTs. Some of the most expensive celebrities include 50 Cent and Satoshi Nakamoto. Some stars sell for prices in the thousands!
It’s hard to say who has the biggest NFT collection because no one knows for sure. One reason why it might be difficult is that there are different ways of measuring size, like by number or percentage. Some people have a lot of tokens but not many items, while others may only have 10% ownership in all non-fungible tokens yet still own more than 50 thousand individual pieces. The Crypto Celebrities game features some expensive celebrity NFTs which can sell for thousands each time they’re bought.