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Best NFT Projects by 2021

The future is now. The next few years will be pivotal for the world as we know it, and the NFT industry is poised to capitalize on this change. In this article, we’ll explore how to invest in NFTs and what projects you should look out for by 2021 to ensure your portfolio thrives in a new world order.

NFTs are digital assets that can be traded on any number of blockchain networks-and there are already over 1,000 different tokens currently available. For investors looking at these projects, it’s important to understand their potential impact-both positive and negative–on our society before making an investment decision.

For example, some virtual currencies have been used as fundraising tools for terrorist groups like ISIS. Other tokens hold monetary value, but can also be used as a payment tool that could effectively replace fiat currencies. Before making a decision on a potential investment, it’s crucial to investigate the intent behind each token and evaluate whether it will have a positive impact on society as a whole.
In some cases, NFTs are directly tied to

1) CrypToadz

This is a crypto role-playing game with an MMO combat system and the trading of cards. The gameplay will attract players of various ages, especially children who love mining games. Users can mine various coins of various blockchains to complete missions, defeat monsters and acquire new blocks for their own characters.

2) Zombie Zoo

Zombie Zoo is an online game where players can take part in zombie battles and own their own cryptozoological creatures. This game also has player vs. player (PvP) battles, where users fight other cryptids to earn items. After the battle, teams are formed with members of the same type of creature, like zombies or vampires. The use of NFTs allows players to have a unique pet with specific attributes and abilities, which can be used for team battles.

3) Artblocks

Artblocks is a digital platform for artists, designers, and gamers. Artblocks allows users to make their own NFTs like characters, animals, or buildings (e.g., “Star Wars” droids) and sell them on the Artblocks platform. The cryptocurrency associated with this project is called Arton (ARTB), which can be used to purchase NFTs. The project has a number of experienced members, including some who have previously worked at Pixar or Lucasfilm.

4) CreatureWorld

This is a game that allows players to own their own cryptids. Users can collect, breed, mine and enhance their teams for PvP battles, or simply enjoy the social aspect of the community. After completing missions, users are rewarded with creature eggs that produce new cryptids. If your team wins in combat against another player’s team, you get to keep their creatures.

5) Hyaliko

Hyaliko is a 3D metaverse gallery that auto-generates a “show” based off the NFTs in a person’s wallet. Each NFT generates a 3D model, and they are automatically placed in the gallery by the source code. The more NFTs you have, the more galleries you can visit.
The future is coming and the world as we know it will change. NFTs are poised to capitalize on this shift in power, which means that if you want your portfolio to thrive in a new order of society, now is the time to invest. The projects listed here provide some insight into what’s possible with these digital assets: from playing games like RPGs or trading cards online to owning cryptids and building 3D models for galleries.

Investing early could mean huge gains down the line when more people start using blockchain technology-and our article has given you some solid options worth considering right away!
Thanks for reading and see you on our next blog!